Clients' Words

Carell Ng, Co-founder of DC Coliving Home Solutions & JPHAA Certified Advance Instructor, who completed 12 sessions of Coaching

"[From Nobody To Somebody]

During the past 10 months, Ryan has witnessing my up and down, twist and turn, tear and laugher. Whenever I lost focus, he always stays calm and guides me back to the right path. He also gave me a lot probing and pushing my limit to think more deeper and further. He is not just a coach, a mentor, a Guru, but also as a good friend who is always there to listen, to give encourages and compliments whenever I need it. I truly cherish the coaching journey we have come so far. Sometimes I feel he is like a mirror, reflecting myself, my thoughts, my ambition, of cause my strength and weaknesses as well.

Remember at once I saw a testimonial and those people do carried big title for example a Manager for an international company etc. I was very doubtful at that juncture whom I should call myself as beside a mother for 2. Today, is our last coaching session and I’m proudly to crown myself 2 titles. It has been a great journey to come along this far. Ryan, thank you once again for your coaching through out the journey. "

From Miss Kanako Mori, Founder; Image & Beauty Consultant of L'Atelier K, who attended CliftonStrengths Workshop

"Ryan's training using Gallup's CliftonStrengths is very well crafted, engaging, and packed with lots of learning elements. The report we receive prior to the training day contains well-summarised information, however, during the training, Ryan made it even more effective and easier for us to apply the result into our future actions. I highly recommend Ryan's training to bring out the potential of individuals and teams and to improve communication among team members. And thank you very much Ryan for the big heart that you put into the training, all the best!!"

From Mr Widjaja, Senior Supply Planning Executive at Pfizer, who completed 3 Coaching sessions:

“Ryan has helped me to transform my life for the better. Before, I already knew my strength and weakness and what to do to improve vaguely, but it often felt difficult to make it into reality.

During the coaching session, Ryan helped me to rediscover all these counter measures, to-do lists, and followed up periodically on the action items, which helped me to move forward.

I highly recommend Ryan as professional coach, as his highly customized session for you could help to improve your life."

From Mr Jay Ng, CEO of WeShine, who completed CliftonStrengths Assessment:

“Ryan has an attentive ear as I shared comfortably about the details of my experiences. He is quick to relate my sharings to the CliftonStrengths reports. He also assured me of my doubts and answered the questions I had regarding the accuracy of the assessments and how to apply them in my life. I found his advice to enhance my strengths instead of just mitigating my weaknesses very insightful. Learnt that research shows enhancing strengths improve our weakness too.

The coaching is a very positive experience for me.”

From Mr Wong, a Music Instructor who completed 3 CliftonStrengths coaching sessions:

“Ryan is a fantastic coach who helps me understand myself better and how I can use my talents to solve problems and to make decisions. He teaches me how to use my "superpowers" by relating them to my past life experiences and also my current situations. The hands on coaching really helps me to learn how to use my talents effectively

I solved some of my current work issues by applying what I have learnt from Ryan. He guided me through the entire process and instead of telling me what to do, he led me into exploring my strengths and eventually I came out with the best solution by using my strengths to solve the problem and I am very happy with the result.

With Ryan's motivations and coaching, now I feel much stronger and confident with the discovery of my talents and how to apply them in my life. If you need a coach, Ryan is the man you should go to!”

From Mdm Lee, who completed 3 CliftonStrengths coaching sessions together with her husband:

"The sessions have made me understand my relationship with my family, especially my husband. I know that we have difference in views and with this I have a better understanding and we can work things out differently. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to voice out and work things out."