What is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group is where like-minded individuals meets regularly for a common purpose. To learn, share and encourage each other while studying on a chosen topic.

This concept was created by Napoleon Hill with his book, Think and Grow Rich. Hill described it as a coordination of knowledge and effort, when people come together in a spirit of harmony and work towards a definite purpose. He further added:

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind]."

This Forbes article might help you to understand how a Mastermind can be useful to you.

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Hear How Participants Have Benefitted from Mastermind

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I have certainly benefitted a lot, because the questions and discussion actually raised my awareness about myself and about what leadership really means and how I lead. - Stephen

The discussion really brings out a lot of the real life actual issues, the day to day of what's happening, and how the participants respond to the situations…the discussion helps to also give us new insights as to the issues around it and how we can actually be a better leader. - Meei Chiann

Personally I have really benefitted a lot from the group, because we have people from different backgrounds and we are free to share our opinions, also learn from each other, encourage and motivate each other along the way… One brain is limited but we have many brains here, so we can certainly have some breakthroughs after we combined all our knowledge. - Carell

A collaborative learning more so than directive. A lot of times, leaders tend to either not have time to talk about things, or they don’t have people to talk about things. So it was a great learning experience hearing from other people and sharing some of the confusing thoughts and questions I had. - Sulbi

The other key takeaway is that I have learnt from everybody… It is not a lot of teaching, in fact it is a lot of sharing. And I believe that through sharing, through learning from one another or maybe we called it the peer learning, it is a much powerful session than we hear from the speaker. Which I think this is very good in such a setting. And one hour a week is very good for busy people like us. - Clement

When I started to see the video, and what John share, and as well as listening to everyone here being so open, I could actually find time and try to do some reflections and identify myself again, that ‘hey I am actually a leader, I am a worthy leader'... I am really grateful because everyone is very open, it has make this learning so much more relatable and real… it's not like some very ambiguous concepts that is very hard to understand, it is just so down to earth. - Applelynn