Past Events

CliftonStrengths For Sales Workshop (Sep 2023)

Hmm… they are all holding their Top 5 Strengths… Well, i shall show my poker cards as the King Of Gambler! 😆

In this inaugural CliftonStrengths For Sales workshop, we discovered our natural ways of thinking, feeling and behaviour. And dive in to understand how they can push us towards (or hold us back from) sales success.

Many of them appreciate the insights given in their personalised report, providing them practical ideas to work on. I enjoyed myself during the session too, especially when they were shouting “百倍! 百倍!” during a game segment.

Thankful for my wife in preparing the tea break and taking care of my guests!

#strengths4sales #insights2actions #thankful

Identify Your Strengths To Achieve Better Sales Results (May 2023)

We got to munch on freshly made muah chee, feeling relaxed with a pleasant calming scent in the room. Thanking my business friends Shiny (AhMah’s Legacy) and John (Astum Scents & Fragrance) for adding ‘flavours’ to my workshop on 25 May!

In this cosy cabin room, we shared about our strengths, discussed sales challenges and provided insights to help each other. Personally, I learnt a lot as well. As one participant shared, we need to answer these 3 whys during sales interactions: Why you? Why me? Why now?

That’s the power of collaborative learning. Where everyone is both learner and teacher at same time. Really appreciate everyone who were present and contributed. Now it’s time to apply the insights we have gathered!

EVERGREEN! Ready? Get Set, Goal! (Jan 2023)

Throw paper planes around the office? Check! 

Laughter with learning moments? Check!

Expressing our Strengths in photos? Check!

It’s really an enjoyable time spent together with this energetic bunch of people. We get to discover our Strengths, learning how to set & achieve our goals better.

Also, I was invited to their Client Appreciation Dinner. And i saw how hard this team was working to make the event a great one. With musical talents among some of them too! 🎶👏

Wishing Evergreen Group Holdings A Prosperous Year Ahead! Growing From Strength To Strength, With Business Soaring Into Greater Heights!

Hey Monsters! Let's Discover Your Strengths To Create A Better Monster (Dec 2022)

Look carefully at the photos. Have you ever been asked to carry the trainer during a workshop?

Well, that's what I got the participants to do as I deliver a teaching point! And from there, we did a SWOT analysis as I facilitate a discussion among the sales team.

Workshops don't have to be a boring lecture style, contact me for a free 1 hour training session for your sales team!

In Person Workshop: DISCOVER! A Journey Towards Your Unique Purpose In Life (30 September 2022)

Choo Choo! The Discovery Train set off once again on 30 Sep, making stops at CliftonStrengths station & Purpose Driven station

We shared about people whom we felt having meaningful lives. Realising that their purposeful contributions have positive impact on others.

Yet, how many people actually took time to consider about his/her mission in life? Who will benefit if we allow our light to shine in this world?

Thanks Maxine & Vincent for hopping unto Black Knight’s train cabin! Looking forward to Find Your Why & shine our light together!

 #discoverycabin #purposeful #shineyourlight

In Person Workshop: DISCOVER! A Journey Towards Your Unique Purpose In Life (4 August 2022)

Our Discovery Train departed at 1.30pm on Thursday, 4 August 2022. Along the way, we heard stories, shared about our CliftonStrengths and reflected on what does purpose driven life means.

Thanks Yen Xi, Crystal, Willis, Owen, Alan and Huimin for being the first few passengers of Black Knight's Discovery Train. Looking forward to hop onto your life train and continue our conversations!

#storywriters #discoverycabin #purposeful

In Person Workshop: Rolling Pineapple Into 2022 with CliftonStrengths (13 January 2022)

The 1st onsite CliftonStrengths Workshop in 2022 was conducted with Rolling Pineapple. Though it was a small group session, with just the business owner and his two employees, all of us enjoyed it because there were so much interactions & sharing. Amid the laughter, it was wonderful to see them affirming & encouraging each other in their Strengths. 

Similar to Black Knight, Rolling Pineapple also has a mission to empower the community. They provide first aid education for us to be prepared in event of medical emergency.

Want to learn life saving skills with Rolling Pineapple & understand your Strengths with Black Knight, contact us to find out more!

Online Workshop: Discovering Your Potential With CliftonStrengths (18 November 2021)

In collaboration with Shiwei, a Financial Consultant with Prudential, we shared with her clients & their friends on what CliftonStrengths is about. During the workshop, they began to understand more on their natural talents of thinking, feeling and behaviour. Beyond the workshop, each participant also receive a CliftonStrengths coaching session to work on their 2022 goals, thanks to Shiwei's sponsorship!

As Shiwei always says "Live life & Live Worry Free". If you like to have that through financial planning and knowing your strengths, contact us now!

Online Workshops: Changing Your World With CliftonStrengths (13 November 2021) + Discovering UNITE'S Strengths (15 November 2021)

Over the last few days, 2 CliftonStrengths Workshops were conducted for more than 40 business owners of different trades. Over 90% of the participants indicated their Top 5 CliftonStrengths to be accurately describing them. There were also positive feedback that they enjoyed the insightful & engaging sessions, although it was conducted online over Zoom. Here's a testimony from one of the participant:

"Ryan's training using Gallup's CliftonStrengths is very well crafted, engaging, and packed with lots of learning elements. The report we receive prior to the training day contains well-summarised information, however, during the training, Ryan made it even more effective and easier for us to apply the result into our future actions. I highly recommend Ryan's training to bring out the potential of individuals and teams and to improve communication among team members. And thank you very much Ryan for the big heart that you put into the training, all the best!!"

 - Kanako Mori (Founder, L'Atelier K)

Facebook 'Live': Connecting Better With Our Families (9 July 2021)

Connecting is All About Others. I shared about a time when a stranger really connected well with me. I felt that he cares and I can trust him. He then helped me through my difficulties. To those who were present during the ‘live’ session, thank you and I hope you'll do the little TLC activity with your family. Have fun! =)

A key takeaway: It only takes a spark to get the fire going. When we learnt how to connect better with others, we become that spark in our community. Let's bring more warmth to each other during this pandemic season.

Mastermind: Leading Through Crisis (15 Dec 2020 - 12 Jan 2021)

Although it is a rerun of the same topic, the learning becomes diverse with different groups of people. In each session, participants shared their experiences at work and personal life. At the end, we took time to ponder on action plans that will make us a better leader.

A key takeaway: Assess situations from an internal perspective (factors within the leader) and external perspective (factors outside of the leader). Perhaps this will hold us from jumping into conclusions too easily, while we lead others through uneasy times.

Thanks Kenneth, Mey Sam, Radius, Renee & Siew Goh for your contribution. I hope what you gained through our sessions, will serve you well in your work and family. Lead with Hope!

Mastermind: Leading Through Crisis (20 Oct - 17 Nov 2020)

On Tuesday 17 Nov 2020, we had our fifth and last Mastermind session on Leading Through Crisis. It was a great privilege to journey together with them. In these few weeks, we got to know each other, shared our insights and struggles, provided support and encouragement. All because we want to be better leaders for our people during these difficult times.

A few key takeaways: Leaders need to have empathy because leadership is always about people. What we value guide us to make decisions during difficult situations. And we inspire Hope in others. Because all storms will pass and a rainbow might appear at the end.

Thanks Sulbi, Stephen, Meei Chiann, Clement, Carell and Apple. Your contributions have encouraged me so much too. Let's dance with the storm and shine our light!

Webinar: All Aboard! Your Boarding Pass Into LEADERSHIP (17 Oct 2020)

BLACK KNIGHT's 'LEADERSHIP' has successfully concluded its maiden voyage on 3.32pm, Saturday 17 October 2020. There was some fun on board, with nice music, and stories about good leaders. A journey designed for people to explore Leadership in a casual & interesting way.

The Explorers were brought to different parts of 'LEADERSHIP' during the tour. Each location on the vessel has its story, and a lesson point. The insights gained at each location then become part of Explorer's individual blueprint to build or upgrade his/her own 'LEADERSHIP'. Imagine a world with better leaders in charge. How will your work and family be transformed by you being a better leader?

A key takeaway from this session: Why is it difficult to be a leader today? One Explorer shared that people are more self focused now (which is nothing wrong in certain sense). Be it being a leader or follower, all of us have to be more understanding. To reach across to the other party with effective communication and listening ears.

Webinar: Having REAL Success With People (1 Aug 2020)

BLACK KNIGHT's first webinar [Having REAL Success with People] concluded successfully on 1 August 2020. There were over 20 participants from 4 countries, representing 6 different nationalities. All with the same objective, that is learning how to be successful with people.

Based on John Maxwell’s material, the participants were introduced to four REAL success building areas, namely RELATIONSHIPS, EQUIPPING, ATTITUDE & LEADERSHIP. Citing examples from well known personalities such as Michelle Obama and Jack Ma, the sharing ended with participants doing a self-assessment. After the event, those who submitted their self-assessment received practical tips from BLACK KNIGHT's trainer Ryan on how to be better.

A key takeaway from this session: All of us are like seeds. Given the opportunity to grow, good environment and hard work, we can blossom to our maximum potential! If we don’t empower others, a seed will always be a seed.